Dina Lilian’s speech therapy practice is based at the Norwood Therapy Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The practice offers a variety of services.  Specialties of this practice include assessments and therapy for children, adolescents and adults who stutter and also provides therapy for the older learners who struggle with reading, spelling and writing through the implementation of an international recognised technique called the Spalding Method. In addition, therapy is also provided for articulation and phonology problems, auditory processing and language problems.


The practice keeps abreast of the latest international developments in the field

of Stuttering and Cluttering  and tailors approaches for each individual. The practice focuses on generating and maintaining fluency and ensuring effective communication, as well as addressing family involvement and concerns that may arise at school or in the workplace. Opportunities to attend  Speakeasy,  a Self Help Groups for people who stutter are also available.  Speakeasy is a support group for People Who Stutter (PWS), their family members and friends. Meetings are used to discuss issues around stuttering, to share new ideas and experiences, discuss feelings and to practice one's speech techniques. Please contact Dina Lilian on dina.lilian@gmail.com for more details about Speakeasy.


The practice strives to provide a committed, dedicated and professional service and would welcome your queries.


Areas of Interest

 Stuttering / Cluttering (Fluency)


Contact Details

Cell: 082 820 6225

Email: dina.lilian@gmail.com

Website: speakeasy.org.za