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Aerial yoga is what I offer at my studio. It's done on a hammock. It's a combination of yoga, Pilates and dance . Aerial yoga defies gravity its easer in Mid Air What's difficult To do on the ground . Its a whole lot of fun and also a different type of training. The movement u would do on an aerial swing will strengthen and tone your body . Your joints will strengthen due to these movements on your hammock. It improves your flexibility, U will move mote freely with less effort .suspension in the air releases tension on the bone ans muscles. It will strengthen core muscles and increase Spinal and shoulder flexibility. This type of training helps with back problems. Handing freely upside down allowing your spine to lengthen with less strain on your back . It's eases tension in the spinal , core and hip joints. I must say aerial yoga improved my strength and flexibility. This type of work out helps you in your daily activities. Aerial yoga helps you in all types of sports, to name some if them eg: running, dancing , crosstraining , gymnastics, body building and and many many more. Because of this type of work out ( Aerial yoga ) your body will recover faster , increase your stamina improves your balance and stability. Which you need in your daily activities and improve u to prepare in all sports .

Another Benefit is that improves blood circulation. It also helps detoxify the circulation and lymphatic system which helps with various cardiovascular issues

The best part of aerial yoga is that you are getting a full body work out . What ever sports you are into you should do aerial yoga at least once a week as part of your training . This will make a big difference in your in your flexibility, strength and mental health . It's unique . A different work out with so many benefits.

A different work out with more fun . Aerial yoga will help u relax and also makes u clamer. U will leave this class with a big smile on your face . And will have the best sleep u ever had .

Let's make aerial yoga our new way of training .

I would like to thank Christopher Harrison who invented Aerial Yoga . Mr Harrison was a former gymnast and a Broadway choreographer. He was inspired by yoga , Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics in order to achieve a total body work out .

Mr Christopher Harrison u have changed my life . God bless you for that.

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