25 Turkish manufacturers of stylish, functional and innovative
houseware products will travel to South Africa this month for meetings
with local importers, wholesalers and retailers._

Under the ambit of the Turkish Housewares Manufacturers & Exporters
Association – 25 Turkish houseware manufacturers will hold B2B
meetings with local business partners in Sandton on 15 August.

Following previous successful trade missions, the delegation will seek
to step up trade between Turkey and South Africa. Delegates will
represent manufacturers of plastic kitchenware and bathroom
accessories, melamine kitchenware, glass kitchenware, metal cookware,
cutlery, professional kitchenware and household items.

South Africa, a net importer of glassware, plastic kitchenware and
metal kitchenware, imported US$421 million in kitchenware plastics,
wood, stainless steel, enamelled products and cutlery were valued from
producers around the world last year.

Turkey, one of South Africa’s top 15 kitchenware trade partners,
supplies plastic, stainless steel, iron and enamelled tableware and
kitchenware to South Africa, and aims to introduce South African
importers to its broader range of stylish and highly functional
kitchen and home products.

Turkish manufacturers and entrepreneurs have invested heavily in
recent years in growth and advanced production techniques to meet
growing demand for plastic, steel, copper and aluminium kitchenware,
along with glassware, ceramics, porcelain and cutlery; and Turkish
kitchenware is now exported to more than 160 countries. Developed
markets like the UK, Germany, France and regional partners such as the
Russian Federation, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan and Romania are the main
consumers of Turkish kitchenware, which has become known for its
product innovation, original and aesthetic appeal and international
manufacturing standards at highly competitive prices.

Among the companies travelling to South Africa this month are Aky,
Görgel Metal, Hascevher, Kirteks Metal, Mehtap and OMS, manufacturers
of stainless steel cookware sets, non-stick cookware, stockpots,
couscous pots, pressure cookers, fry pans, casseroles, coffee and tea
pot sets. Yeşilyayla Kesici Aletler, manufacturers of modern knives,
cleavers, knife holder magnets, meat hammers, gloves, spatulas,
sharpening steel and shears; and Avsar Enamel A.S., makers of a range
of enamelled casseroles, fry pans, saucepans, kettles, coffee pots,
milk pots, mugs, deep fryers, oven trays and non-stick ceramic and
granite coated aluminium products, will also be present. Several
manufacturers of high quality plastic kitchenware and homeware, as
well as producers of decorative homeware, will also travel to South
Africa for the meetings.

_Meetings are free to attend. For more information, or to schedule a
meeting with these Turkish companies, please contact Sue Bowden
indicating products of interest at Tel: +27 11 728 5878; E-mail: