Sun Valley Stables

At Sun Valley Stables children and juniors are taught to ride in a safe and fun environment. We strive to produce competent and confident riders and develop a love and knowledge of horses and ponies. Pony camps, fun days and shows are held regularly. These special programmes offer opportunities to spend more time with the ponies and also to learn about the care of ponies and horses. Horse riding contributes to physical development of children and also to emotional development. Empathy and responsibility are learned through riding and caring for ponies. An important aspect of our teaching is outrides where we ride in the country, out of enclosed schools. To be able to ride up and down hills, over banks and ditches, logs and small jumps, develops an independent seat. We are lucky to have some wonderful open country away from any tar roads in the area.

Junior Jockeys young riders (3 - 5 years) learn to ride on a lead rein. Group lessons where learning is through play on and off horseback.
Pony Pals - (5 - 8 years) Riders learn to ride independently both in the arenas and on out rides in the countryside.
Children - (8 - 16 years) Riders enjoy lessons in groups. lessons become more advanced. Games, preparation for in house shows and out are included in the program.
Juniors - (16 - 21 years) Beginner and advanced lessons offered.
Opportunities to compete at Inter- School competitions with full preparation and support.
opportunities to half bait ponies and horses.
We are happy that you have joined us and hope that you will enjoy your riding here. We have a high standard of instruction and our horses and ponies have been carefully chosen. Lesson groups are small and with pupils of a similar level. Our aim is for you to have fun while you learn, and to produce correct, but relaxed riders.