The Legacy Centre

The Legacy Centre (Pty) Ltd is a professional accounting practice of Auditors, Accountants, Business Coaches, Strategic Advisors, Planners, Facilitators, Tax Practitioners and Independent consultants. The firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle. TLC focuses on business finance, assurance, taxation, business advisory, coaching, bookkeeping, financial reporting, consulting, workshops and training services to Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Cooperatives, Non Profit Organisations and Government entities. The main aim of TLC is to empower business owners with well researched, practical and relevant business information to enhance the business value chain.

TLC is founded by Ms Millycent Mashele, a young women who is Chartered Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, Registered Auditor and a Tax Practitioner. Ms Mashele is passionate about business and education through practical learning and development. Ms Mashele has over 9 years’ experience and through the years she has gained a mix of specialised skills within the finance profession; including strategy, finance, auditing, risk management, operations, and human resources. She has worked in various organisations from public sector to private sector, it is through her hunger to add value and develop businesses and professionals that she was moved to start The Legacy Centre In 2015. Having been privileged to achieve professional success through academic excellence and professional growth, She then decided to add more value to the economy of our country through developing young professionals through mentorship that will impact businesses. Her passion for business as an entrepreneur and a business woman is evident in her courage to leave a lucrative Corporate life to pursue a business.

TLC believes in collaborative efforts, where skills are shared to empower the nation and grow the economy. With a core team of experienced consultants, strategic alliances and a team approach to projects, TLC is able to offer a more value added quality service.

To become an African business service centre of excellence aspiring to be deliver business value for future generations and driving a sustainable legacy that will stand for generations

It is our mission to provide our clients with well researched knowledge that is practical, relevant and current; while serving with integrity and excellence and uplifting the communities we are based in through learning and development.

Core Values and Culture
We are committed to the responsible transformation of South Africa and believe in an empowerment paradigm that is rooted in sustainable wealth creation born of personal and organizational integrity.
We are excited to be game changers in the professional service industry, because we are deeply aware of the reciprocal social and business responsibility that these confer on us to act with consciousness.

The Legacy Centre
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