The Pet Sitter

How it works?
•We’ll come to you! This keeps your best friend in their natural/familiar environment and ensures they feel comfortable and safe
•We will ensure that your animal is fed according to his/her developed routine or schedule and diet
•We will spend time and interact with them with them to ensure emotional stimulation
•We will ensure their safety while you’re away with constant monitoring and supervision in a controlled and relaxed environment
•We also focus on special needs animals, whether it be giving them daily medication or having to approach them in a certain way to provide more sociable behaviour
•If you would prefer for your animal to stay us, we would be more then happy pick the them up before you leave and drop them back when you return
•We also provide a basic grooming service for all animals

Our Rates?
•R 85 a day to come to you
•R 120 a day to house your pet

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