Things Children Teach Us – Kate Eke

marcisim / Pixabay
•Asking for help is a sign of strength; not weakness. It is better to ask for help rather than pretend you know what you are doing and then later it is discovered that in fact you dont know what you are doing.

•If you ignore someone, you will be ignored, too
Sometimes it is not convenient to help someone or be there for them. If you ignore them the time passes but what is left is an ill feeling and this doesn’t go away and later it is remembered that you weren’t there for them.

hearts-1247693__180•The power of unconditional love is limitless.
We don’t have to have all the answers and have everything all things sorted out and neat and tidy, sometimes we just have to be there.

•A hug may not fix everything but it has a way of making things feel better.
A hug doesn’t fix everything but a hug conveys a lot of things silently – compassion, love, understanding, comfort and support to name but a few.

Always forgive and don’t bear grudges this not only shows the type of person but it gives you the chance to move on in peace.

•Be curious and always keep learning.
You are never too old to learn and learning is fun. Keep learning even if it is just silly, fun things.

•Give life everything you have.
Whatever you are busy with give it 110 percent. You might be suprized with the results.