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We can safely drive a car for hours while talking to our passengers without consciously paying attention to the road. Why? Because it is the subconscious mind that governs this kind of action. Science contends that the conscious mind governs only about 5% of our behaviour; the subconscious mind controls the remaining 95%.

Most of us may, without realising it, carry emotional baggage from the past. Imprinting during early childhood shapes our beliefs and perceptions, creating an inner dialogue driving our behaviour. This becomes a major driving force in our adult years, our individual reality of how we think the world is. The more this subconscious dialogue occurs, the more it reinforces our reality and our truth. A negative, unbalanced, subconscious inner dialogue leads to demotivation, dispair and self-sabotage, physical and mental illnesses and holds us back from achieving our best, without realising the cause.

Yvonne uses a unique set of skills to help you overcome these obstacles. Applying hypnosis, NLP as well as coaching, to dig deeper and unlock the subconscious mind and to then work with you to change and remove those limiting beliefs. Therapy helps you put new positive thinking patterns into place empowering you with renewed motivation, productivity and life force. This is an example of positive Neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the property of the brain to change structure and function in response to mental experiencing. The mechanism of neuroplasticity ranges from making new neuronal connections to growing new neurons – i.e. increasing grey matter.

Today it is scientifically proven that hypnotherapy, NLP and visualisations make profound positive changes to Neuroplasticity of your brain.

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Addiction on the other hand, is an example of negative brain plasticity. Addiction demonstrates all too sadly how brain structures and functions change resulting from over excitation and toxicity, thereby altering our behaviour. Emerging science shows us also how sugar addiction, affecting the brains opiate receptors, functions in the brain much the same as recreational drugs do and thus one needs to address these issues in a similar way.

Yvonne has developed an addiction treatment model, based on her studies of biopsychology, comprising neuro-psychology and neuro-pharmacology, applied addiction research science of the National Institute of Drug Abuse USA, and addiction management studies with the University of Adelaide in Australia.

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