Cornerstone Women


Samantha le Roux started our interview with her own quote: “If the mothers of the world are in trouble, the world is in trouble.” According to her, she is nothing special. However, if you’ve ever met Samantha, the founder of Cornerstone Woman, you would know that’s not true.

In January 2016, she had an experience that no one should ever have to go through. Thankfully, she had friends who supported her, gave her a roof over her head and loads of love. Most importantly, she had God. This experience made her realise that she was not alone. There were many women (and men) in the same situation, who did not have such a strong support structure as she did. And so, Cornerstone Woman was born.

Cornerstone Woman is a non-profit organisation that was established by a group of women who are passionate about helping other women to overcome the effects of abuse and also to establish a route to recovery for the family unit. Although the organisation focuses mainly on abused women, they realise that there are both broken women and men out there.

The whole programme is geared to rehabilitate families and to expose the real enemy. Who, by the way, is not men. “The devil makes people believe that he’s not real or that he doesn’t exist. He makes people believe that they are fighting against flesh and blood, when they are actually fighting spiritual battles” says Sam. “His other big lie is religion, when the only thing that will bring true healing is a relationship with God.

“There is a great need to support the women and children who suffer because of the breakdown of families,” Sam shared. “The responsibility lies with society to support and protect these women and children.”

This is where Cornerstone Woman comes in. Once someone has reported abuse to Cornerstone Woman, a risk analysis is done and the person is removed to a place of safety if necessary. An initial interview is conducted, the support programme is initiated and the required counselling programme is identified and the person is enrolled. Once they’ve started the counselling programme, they start on the Financial Freedom programme and they also receive a financial mentor.

Their vision is to help and enable women who are in abusive relationships and to provide sustainable programmes, delivered with honesty and integrity, which will allow women to live free from abuse. They exist to provide abused women with the ability to change their story to an empowered, successful one.

Cornerstone Woman relies on their amazing team, sponsors and partners, who give selflessly of their time, money and expertise to make the organisation successful. One of their key partners is the Sanctuary Christian Counselling Centre that will provide counselling services to the women at a discounted rate, as well as give the leadership team of Cornerstone Woman basic counselling training.

“There is more evidence showing that the devil is real today than evidence showing that God is real. Cornerstone Woman is here to take the church’s walls down and go to the broken and the hopeless. We are a fellowship and we will be there when the pawpaw hits the fan, but it’s only when God enters the equation that healing can come… for all the parties involved” Sam says.

Cornerstone Woman will be raising funds through their monthly Supper Clubs and Networking Events with a Difference. The proceeds of these events will go to support the organisation, making it possible for them to do what they do best.

If this story has resounded with your heart in any way, we would like to ask you to like our Cornerstone Woman Facebook page and check out our website at We need as many people as possible to join the fight against the real enemy and help bring healing and restoration to families and marriages. Together we will change your story.


A beautiful poem written by Wilma. (This sums up Cornerstone Woman perfectly!)

I hear the Lord say to roll up your sleeves, because you are about to be used by Me. You’re going to learn how to make an impact, not only on yourself, but upon a large pack. I have raised you up as a matter of fact and moved you away from that which would detract.

You’re going to have an impact upon social media and you are going to become an expert with people looking to you as an encyclopaedia. You're going to find those who need a twist and that evil will be dismissed, all because you exist. I have called you to a large world, so don’t become overwhelmed or disturbed.

I have put My word within your mouth and people will be coming to you from out of the deep South. I am giving you the word, for the Lord is going to bring you out so you can be sought after, and you are going to find in your mouth, finally you have holy laughter.

You are going to be the one that people are going to go after, they will look after, and you will be sought after and everything in the past that appeared as a disaster is going to be eliminated, because you said yes to become a master. This is the word of the Lord coming to you today, so you would not go astray saith the spirit of grace.