G Force Body and Mind

My name is Getanya Swales, I'm a Pilates instructor in Cape Town South Africa.

I've danced all of my childhood, and danced professionally till I was 19. I realised this was not where I saw myself for the next 10-15 yrs. So I went on to study the basics of Pilates, Personal training and then later Basi Pilates Compressive (2011). My body could never sit behind a desk all-day.

I started my own company in 2009 -Gforce personal training, where I originally only focus on personal training. I choose to specialise in spinal cord injury, as I saw how a friend of mine was completely dependent on others for help. I have focussed more on Pilates since 2011 as this is where most of my main clients are and I experienced the best personal results on my body.

As I moved more and more into the Pilates I changed my company name as it didn’t fit anymore, therefore it is now known as Gforce Body and Mind.cc

I am unique in that I go to my clients houses, I teach my clients about their bodies while we exercise and correct their postures and muscle imbalances.

I also include the mind, body, spirit focus by using music, candles, aromatherapy, energy work and meditation, for those clients that are interested in including it in their sessions.

I offer privates, semi privates and small group classes, at my client’s homes and in my small studio in Ottery. During the summer, I teach Pilates outside at varying venues as well as beach training which is a combination of bootcamp, Pilates and FUN.