Juané Raats Occupational Therapy

Juanè Raats Occupational Therapy practice was founded on 23 November 2004 in Bloemfontein where Juanè was the only therapist in the practice. The practice has grown over many years of hard work into the practice that it is today. Today Juanè Raats Occupational Therapy consists of six Occupational Therapists, two Lymphoedema Therapists and four admin personnel. Juanè Raats Occupational Therapy treats patients in all fields of Occupational Therapy such as in Adult Physical field, Adult Neuro Rehab, Hand Therapy, Lymph Therapy, Musician and Sport injuries, Psychiatric field, Medico-legal work, Functional Capacity Evaluations as well as Paediatric field. The main practice is situated in Bloemfontein with a satellite practice in Kimberley. Juanè Raats Occupational Therapy also has a “Hands on Hand Centrum” that focusses on hand therapy as well as focal dystonia and movement therapy with musicians and sportsmen. The “Hands on Lymph Centrum” focusses on lymph therapy. Juanè is also collaborating with Lymph Education Africa as a co-instructor in the International Lymph and Wound Training Institute program for training of new Lymph Therapists. In Bloemfontein they are part of Live Life Rehab group where they focus on in and out-patient adult rehab as well as run monthly Multiple Sclerosis support groups and also do out-patient MS rehab groups. They are also running the Occupational Therapy groups in a Substance Abuse rehab facility in Bloemfontein. In Kimberley they are part of Habilitas rehab group where they also run a full time in-hospital rehab program.
They thus work with acute phase as well as rehab phase, in-hospital and out of hospital patients as well as with injury on duty (WCA), home and work visits, medical aid and private patients, as well as being involved in education and training in the lymphoedema field.