Meik Architecture & Design

My Dad is the main inspiration for my career choice he was a design engineer and was always building things and I was always his assistant, at 5 I possibly knew more tools than a Builders Warehouse worker. From this I developed a love of making things, and was encouraged by my Mom, who was a nursery school teacher, and who believed firmly in development by means of informal stimulation. So I was always drawing or building lego’s or making something!
However it was not only this love for making that inspired me is was watching my Dad draw on his gigantic drawing board (that was banished to the garage) that really sparked my interest and made me decide at 5 to become an architect! I have memories of visiting people and drawing up the plans of their homes with my crayons once I had wondered through them!

Many years later that dream became a reality and after ‘paying my dues’ and the birth of my second child meik, as in make, was finally a reality. The ethos of ‘meik’ is as the name implies to make and craft spaces rather than just churn out plans! Our focus is on creating spaces that respond to the needs of their owners, while being sustainable. We have been fortunate enough to work with clients who appreciate this and have had the opportunity to create some amazing bespoke homes! This is what I love doing and so try and offer a very hands on service, and literally assist with all aspects of the build from Dream to Reality.
We offer the following services:
Vision & Analysis
This is an inexpensive service to assist possible clients to assess their requirements, put together their brief and determine a realistic project budget.

This service entails the design of the building as well as the look and feel, we use 3D software to assist client to understand what they are getting.
Blue Prints
This service deals with the technical documentation of the build and is explained in detail in our service offering.

Project Management
This service includes managing the tender process and then the build from start to finish. We assist with procurement and aesthetic co-ordination of fittings & finishes.

We believe that any great project is created by a team and have developed a fantastic team of people to make Dreams Reality. We just love what we do, and are so fortunate to be able to do it!

Owner: Nadine Naidoo
Company: Meik Architecture & Design
Area: Sunninghill, Sandton – we work anywhere in Africa
Mobile Number: 082 809 1970
Phone Number: 011 025 8318