Mindful Nutrition

I began my journey with integrative and functional medicine five years ago, after feeling like I was not making a real difference in my patient’s lives through the conventional dietetic methods I studied.
I stumbled upon Functional Medicine by chance, but immediately recognised the potential for her patients.
Even in my initial exposure to Functional Medicine, through a book by Suzanne Somers called Breakthrough, I realised that I would be able to help my patients better understand their symptoms, and address the root causes of their discomfort.

After that, I did independent research and discovered how integrative and functional medicine could heal the body holistically. I went on to formally study integrative and functional medicine and will be qualifying as a practitioner soon.

My process begins by taking a comprehensive account of the patient’s history, which typically includes the diet history and in-depth questions about the patient and their family history. I also look for triggers that could have caused the current health challenge, which can often lead to discovering the root cause of the problem.
I also take blood test results into account and will request more specialised testing if necessary. The specific tests may include stool testing, food intolerance testing, boss (biotransformation and oxidative stress test), DUTCH testing (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) and genetic testing.
After capturing all this information, I put together a comprehensive treatment plan - customised to suit my patient's current lifestyle. My treatment plan typically include a nutrition plan and supplements if necessary.
My other passion in life is cooking and I have embarked in creating ebook recipes and meal plans that will be available online. The meal plans and recipes have busy families in mind that want a quick and healthy meal for them and their families.

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