Avontuur on the 15th August 2015

aa avontuurAvontuur is a very social establishment geared towards networking and mixing. They love to bring people together through business, fun and celebrations. People are the key and Avontuur takes every opportunity to introduce people to each other, like-minded or not, their hope and main aim to make sure that by the time each guest leaves, they have made a friend to keep.

Mel and Zunia

Mel and Zunia

The menu is very informative staying current with different themes. For example, August is woman’s month so they are celebrating and embracing woman. Creating awareness and showcasing women in business, community and sharing their experiences and journey too and uncovering their dreams as well as seeing them come to life. This also ties in with Avontuur the restaurant as it is run by women.

Dealing with influx of people is easy because of the large outside area. People also move around quite quickly. There is a lot to see, do and venture around on the estate. Avontuur comes from Dutch origin meaning adventure. The estate lives up to this meaning as it caters for every mood either with the exciting and informative wine tasting, the delicious, sophisticated and gourmet restaurant or, the outside wonders where the horses take all the attention. The view from and of the estate stretches across green vineyards overlooking much of the Stellenbosch pleins as you look into the horizon.

People embody the establishment. They take on the charisma, charm and exuberant nature. Whether you are part of the team working at Avontuur or coming for a visit, these characteristics seem to rub off on everybody occupying the estate.
The wine is spoken about as if it is a person – “the wine on the nose” – it insinuates that you and the wine are one. The experience of wine tasting at Avontuur is something to mull over, something to enjoy slowly in order to enjoy it for as long as possible. The patrons coming to Avontuur are diverse. Some are well defined, knowledgeable about wines and prestigious.
Others, are not that well informed about wine but can still enjoy it as if they were. What is different about the staff at Avontuur is that whether you know much or know nothing at all about wine they can engage and interest you accordingly.

The wine is personified through various ways. One instant where this can be seen is that wine develops in the bottle, it metamorphoses to suit the daily weather. On warmer days the wine is fruity and on colder days it is smokey. This makes the relationship between the wine and the wine drinker more personal.

aa duckThe restaurant is totally exquisite. A true piece of the owners heart that is visible from every painting, to every chair, to every delicious meal to come out of the kitchen. It is elegant yet comfortable. It can be defined as a “home away from home”. One does not just go there to fill your tummy, yes this is a big part of it as the food is absolutely delicious but, the ambiance is one that is long-lasting. Whether you come as a family, on a business meeting, a romantic date, out with friends to list a few, Avontuur is a place to make lasting memories.aa beef fillet