MannaBay Hotel in Cape Town on the 26th July 2015

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High tea should be an experience, something of a rendezvous for years to come. MannaBay is admittedly an outstanding choice to visit to fulfill any craving for opulence. Whether it is basking in the splendour of the natural surroundings while indulging in decadent treats, or the attraction of magnificent architecture, style and design, this experience is the making of exquisite memories.

To begin, the layout is one that has been carefully thought out: each windowpane frames the natural and historic beauty of Cape Town. Each chair carefully placed to suit the desire for luxury or comfort. MannaBay is truly a place of Renaissance whether it be for relaxation or total elegance.


An intimate hotel with eight bedrooms each has their own individuality. While the rooms are thematic with similar traits, each room holds a story or an attribute to match the person visiting this unique establishment.white room


Placed in the ideal location, accessible to all there is to see and do in the Mother city, MannaBay hosts Table Mountain in its backyard. Guests, depending on the room they prefer, can view the total city centre and the Atlantic Ocean under starlight from the comfort of their beds.





Infused by high-end luxury as well as creating an “at home” fresh and clean serenity, this lovely nest appeals to every sense. Draped with colourful orchids, bold artworks taking up entire walls, over arch lighting, ceiling-touching bookcases,plush furniture and a cosy fireplace, this intimate arrangement of modern and classic is a place where every sense is lit up and room

High tea is just one of the many offerings guests can savour. The tea cups and saucers alone look as if they have journeyed from a mystical and eccentric land. Each sugar pot a perfect fit to the tea pot with the contents just as delicious.


tableThe spread was one to suit each taste bud, the perfect ratio of savory to sweet carefully measured by the choice of beverage. The quiche has a perfectly crisp casing on the outside to hold the fluffy filling. The cheesecake light and velvety, not too overpowering with a gentle caramel topping. The macaroons, mini tartlets and cupcakes all perfectly presented to suit the quaint nature of what comes to mind when thinking of high tea. To top it all off was a personal favourite the in- house cordial or spritzer. Purposefully crafted for each taste sensation, the perfect combination of ginger, lemongrass, strawberries and some other secret ingredients to make it all the more delicious, was the perfect refreshment to soak in the nature and beauty that wraps its essence around MannaBay.


As for an overall take home message and without exhausting the use of adjectives delivered in this piece, MannaBay as a place to visit is what can be called “fine creation”. It cannot be boxed off into a category of merely dining or lodging, this place has far too much charisma and presence to be limited to anything less than its bold identity.


If you wish to contact MannaBay then please phone them on 021 461 1094 and speak to Robyn.



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