SALT - Suspension , Aerial , Lifting Techniques.
SALT is an aerial form of physical strengthening that uses aerial swings . SALT is based on pilates principles yet centered around isometric and eccentric strength .

There are 5 types of fitness that are important and incorporated into SALT namely:

Functional Eccentric Strength

Functional inversion techniques, decompression

Functional flexibility

Functional core strength

Stabilization and proprioception

Childhood Memories

Handstands, monkey bars, swings and jungle gyms .

Exercise was automatic as a child. Muscle patterns weren’t taught to kids they were natural.

SALT gives one the opportunity to walk through memory lane and learn neuromuscular patterns that were innate as a child. This inspires a workout experience that is fun.

Overcoming Mental Fears and Challenges
Training with the SALT SWING inspires new muscle techniques. Some exercises take you out of the “norm” of traditional exercise . This encourages one to face and overcome certain fears. Ie: Being upside down, standing on your hands (again).

Trust and Becoming
Through these different muscle patterns we begin to re-educate the neuromuscular patterns, which teaches clients muscle engaging techniques. This elevated state of body awareness translates itself to greater function and mobility in everyday life.

The ongoing learning phase of movement and transition on the SALT SWING creates an element of aspiration and transformation. The restful moments of pause and relaxation inspires psychological refreshment and renewal ie : SALT cocoon – finding your wings : discovering new muscles patterns, changing perspective.

SALT classes are done in a setting with classical music in the background.

Music is a great tool to stimulate the brain, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system . During a salt session we encourage playing gentle classical music .

Benefits of listening to classical music – Various research articles which have shown the following:

1) Brain activity is improved. Research shows that listening to classical music helps students answer better and faster.

2) Helps you sleep better – promotes relaxation and high stress signals in a SALT class . Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Piano concert in C majorK 467 – second movement , Bela Bartok-piano Concerto No 3-Second movement

3) Emotional awareness: boost healthier relationships

4) More Productive: The sound of classical music in the background puts one in a more relaxed mental state so the effort of exercise is supported by a tranquil environment which promotes productivity.

5) Reduce stress levels : The relaxing sound of classical music enhances relaxation which has also been shown to decrease blood pressure.

Realising the toxic effects of stress which in effect upsets our complex internal chemistry . This upset can be measured at a cellular level of decreased telomere size, which is the protective cap at the end of our chromosomes found in every cell . Reduction in telomere size is a strong predictor of several immune - related ageing diseases and mortality . Chronic exposure to stress can reduce circulating levels of lymphocytes and increase levels of cortisol . These findings show that stress does indeed weaken our immune systems leaving us vulnerable to a wide range of diseases

In the fast lifestyle we have today finding ways to cope with stress are essential for well being . SALT is a way to help detach from the stress of everyday life , connect mind to body by realising your breath. After a session it enables the client to revisit his/her life with a new and fresh perspective.

Name of Owner of SALT brand: Helen Calligeris
Company name: SALT
Area: Classes are currently held at CORE FIT in Seapoint
Phone number: 0810393100
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