Best Fit Human Resources

Best Fit Human Resources was founded in January 2019. My maternity leave was coming to an end in late 2018 and being a new mom, I felt nervous leaving my sweet baby to get back to my office job as HR Manager. I knew my passion for HR and my 6th sense of working with people can turn into a great business model. I said goodbye to my full-time job and hello to the new world of consulting!

My motto, Getting HR perfect is about having the right people with the right abilities in the right place at the right time; is the driving force of our HR Services.

Best Fit Human Resources partners with you to recruit, develop, reward, and retain your human capital and ensure maximum return on your investment. We aim to be your operational and strategic HR business partner by designing HR strategies that will suit your operational- and strategic plans and lead to a high-performing workforce.

Best Fit Human Resources is an HR consultancy firm specialising in start-up businesses and SME’s in South Africa. The Best Fit Human Resources Principle refers to aligning the organisational strategy with HR strategies. It emphasises that HR strategies should underline and support your company’s goals and vision. Companies and/or CEOs who see the value of HR being a Business Partner and not just an administrative function will reap the benefits and take their business from strength to strength.

We start with an HR Audit to review current HR policies and procedures to identify gaps and improvement areas.  The feedback includes suggestions for the remedy of problems that support your company strategy as well as compliance with the ever-changing labour regulations.

Some of our HR services includes HR Administration such as contracts, leave forms and formal communication; KPA’s and Performance Management; Managing the full employee lifecycle - from recruiting to terminating; employee engagement and wellbeing, and of course disciplinary matters.

Our most sought-after service currently is our recruitment service. Helping clients place the best candidates can be critical to the success of their business. Jack Welch said: “HR should be every company’s killer app. What could possibly be more important than who gets hired?

We have a hands-on HUMAN approach to recruiting, and sifting is done with minimal digital automation. Yes, it is time-consuming, but I truly aim to find a candidate that fits into the company’s culture to establish a long-lasting employment relationship. Another bonus is the affordable, below-market recruitment fee!

On the other side of recruitment – I find it so rewarding connecting candidates with amazing jobs that will elevate their careers to the next level.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of aspects of business, and this is true for HR as well. Work from home processes, employee mental health-, and wellbeing concerns as well as employee engagement and communication have become hot topics amongst HR professionals and business executives.  As companies downsized because of the pandemic, there might not be a need or a budget for a full-time HR employee. Partnering with Best Fit HR will give companies access to high-level HR expertise and business owners will feel content that HR is being taken care of during these uncertain times.

Strategies, processes, and systems might be seen as the Engine of the business, but I see people as the Heart of the organisation. I look forward to partnering with many SME’s in South Africa to help them reach their organisational goals by providing a holistic solution to their company’s people needs.