Created by media personality Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp in partnership with South African fashion designer and producer Izet Changuion, this range is a dream come true for girls and women of all ages. The locally-produced matching sets for moms and their girls are made from fabrics which are bold, dazzling and vibrant – to match their wearers’ fearless femininity.

Partnering with the Glare team is a dream come true for me!” says Elana. “The idea came from my first-hand experience with my own two daughters. They’re 5 and 3 years old – the perfect age for dressing up and having fun with clothes. I wanted to create a classy, vintage-inspired look that I could wear, and that I could dress my daughters up in. We’re launching a skirt range for now, and will look to expand to other items during the course of the year.”

Every mom was once a daughter, and she hears her younger self when she hears her daughter saying ‘I want to be like mommy’. Not only does this range reintroduce moms to their inner child, but it is an ideal bonding experience with their own child.

Glare – Modern Vintage Creations was founded in 2017 by Izet Changuion, also a lover of bold colours and vintage designs. “My mother is a fashion designer and from a very young age I was interested in clothing design,” she explains. “I grew up surrounded by beautiful fabrics and amazing patterns. I had the privilege of designing my own wardrobe with a mother who patiently made all my ideas into reality. I realised how fortunate I was to wear my own creations and soon friends started commenting on how different and unique my clothes were. I started getting a lot of interest and this was when I realised the business potential. I wanted to start a clothing brand that takes a different view – not only on style, but on life.”

On meeting and working with Elana, Izet says: “Her warmth and sincere care immediately drew me towards her, and that’s when I decided I would love Glare to be associated with her. What I like about Elana is the balanced life that she portrays – our world needs more role models like her. Even though she has an exciting career, she is fully devoted to her husband and children.”

Elana is known for her roles in radio and TV, and she has produced a podcast, wine, events, and much more. Adding her first clothing range to the list was a natural next step for the fashionista, and as we have come to expect from the ‘mom-trepreneur’, this too reflects her belief in being a present mother and a champion of girl power.

E L A N A by Glare is now available online at http://www.glare.co.za