Into the Future

Female Entrepreneur SA has been around for 5 years in September and we have grown in leaps and bounds in this time.

We have added 3 freelance consultants to assist us and had two interviews one being on the radio and one coming out in print.  We have also attended lots of events in Gauteng, one being the Business Innovative awards held by First National Bank.

In August 2018 we are bringing out an e book of stories of female entrepreneurs in South Africa.  We will be getting to know them and also what books they like to read that motivate them, what tools they like to use to assist them to run their business well and what mantras they use when the chips are down.

2019 is going to be an extremely exciting year for us as we are going to be hosting workshops, showcase days and networking events around South Africa .  All with the purpose of assisting female entrepreneurs to showcase their business, get advice from experts and then to network and not only gain insight into different matters but also to realize that this entrepreneurial journey does not have to be lonely.