Entrepreneurs are the future of SA’s Economy – Jamal Sahib

 Unemployment rate at 29% — StatsSA
 Moody’s changes South Africa’s outlook to negative
 SA’s economy is shrinking
While the above latest headlines are enough to put the majority of South Africans into a state of stress, for entrepreneur and business coach Jamal Sahib, the data behind the headlines only serves to jolt him into finding solutions to reverse this narrative.
His solution?
Assist South Africans change their mind-sets, improve businesses and create jobs.
To amplify his efforts, Jamal has written a book: Start with the End in Mind

“Entrepreneurs are the future of South Africa’s economy,” says Sahib adding that government’s responsibility is not to generate jobs but to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and expand the economy.
Sahib is passionate about creating sustainable employment and helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses that can scale and provide more jobs to solve the unemployment crisis. His vision is that every business in South Africa should have a qualified business coach to help increase the probability of businesses succeeding.
Jamal’s book coaches people on leadership, responsibility and fulfillment. Start with the End in Mind takes readers on a journey of discovery into themselves, the people around them, and the mindset they bring to succeeding in life and business.
Using real-life coaching examples, coupled with the latest coaching techniques and insights, Start with the End in Mind will help you strip out imposed ways of thinking, enable you to crystallise your ambitions, deepen your understanding and appreciation of the people around you and guide you to a better, healthier, more fulfilling and impactful future.