A positive new book shares stories of hope in a time when it is truly needed

August is women’s month. So, what better time than this to release a book that, among other great stories, features several powerfully positive tales written by talented women? Hope Stories is a collection of positive tales and motivational anecdotes, serendipitously released at a time when positivity is in high demand.

In light of this, Lesley Waterkeyn – Founder and Vice Chairperson at CWDi, Sandy Van Dijk – COO at Over The Rainbow and Dawn Nathan-Jones – Entrepreneur, multiple award-winning business leader and professional speaker, decided to write a book titled ‘Hope Stories’.

Hope Stories showcases 27 stories of courage and hope in unprecedented times. Every story weaves its own unique narrative. But the common thread throughout the book is that, even in a world faced with some of the greatest challenges we have seen to date, hope is alive and well. It is evident in random acts of kindness, the triumph of the human spirit and the overarching desire many people possess to simply do good for others.

Hope Stories is broken up into seven themed chapters, each with a uniquely positive overarching message:

Chapter 1: Passion – Live the Life you were Meant to
Chapter 2: Credibility & Purpose – Build your Brand
Chapter 3: Action – Back Yourself and do Whatever it Takes
Chapter 4: Love what you do – Innovate and Prosper
Chapter 5: Think forward – Adapt or Die
Chapter 6: Courage – Triumph over Adversity
Chapter 7: Wisdom – Make a Difference
The eclectic mix of contributors to the book includes thought leaders from diverse backgrounds. And the tales within touch on everything from entrepreneurship to philanthropy and very personal stories of success, like The Unlikely Entrepreneur by Jessica Boonstra from Yebo Fresh; Dig Deep by Renshia Manuel from Growbox and the touching Ubuntu by Kim Whitaker from Ubuntu Beds.

As it is women’s month, highlighting some of the female contributors to Hope Stories seems particularly appropriate. Jessica Boonstra, Founder and CEO of Yebo Fresh, is an online shopping guru whose business gained unprecedented traction due to COVID-19. Renshia Manuel is the passionate Founder and Managing Director of GrowBox Wholesale Nursery in Hanover Park, which empowers locals by providing portable vegetable gardens and basic nutrition to people in need. Kim Whitaker, Founder of Ubuntu Beds, unites hospitality businesses that now stand empty, with healthcare workers fighting the virus on the front lines.

Those mentioned here are among many others featured in the book who are equally as accomplished and inspiring. Every contributor is passionate about what they do and as generous in their storytelling as they are in life. Hope Stories is a must read for South Africans in need of a refreshing injection of positivity during this strange and challenging time.

It is highly recommended reading for anyone who is finding it somewhat difficult to find that little spark of inspiration they seem to be missing, and fuel for the argument that humanity is far from beyond hope.

The book will officially launch on the 18th August, but it is now available for pre-orders. It retails for R 175.00 as a downloadable eBook, R 250.00 for the physical copy as a pre-launch special and R 299.00 for the physical copy in retail stores.

To buy your pre-launch special copy of Hope Stories or to find out more, please contact Simone Isaacs via email: simone@cwdi.co.za or call her on: 076 168 6446.

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