How to study Maths and Sciences

Cindy Glass of Step Up


The year-end exams are coming up. This can be a time of immense stress and anxiety for teachers, learners, and parents. Cindy Glass, Owner and Co-Founder of Step Up Education Centres says, “The trouble with exams is that the task of preparing effectively seems an almost insurmountable one – most especially for learners who may have made some negative choices for themselves throughout the year and, as a result, do not feel adequately prepared or confident to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.” Further exasperating the challenges of writing exams is that so many learners simply do not know HOW to study! She adds, “Most learners stick to a one-size-fits-all approach without understanding that different subjects require different approaches to studying.”

The good news is that it not too late for you to achieve success.

Cindy offers 4 easy steps to help you tackle your exams:

Change your mindset: How badly do you WANT to achieve success? What are you WILLING to do to get where you want to go? If you are eager to put in what it will take to achieve your goals, you will reap the rewards.
Believe that you are capable: No matter what your learning experiences have been to date, you CAN turn it around. You are in control of your learning. You are responsible for your success. Believe that you can!
Start now: Remember, you are doing this for yourself and there is no better time to get going than right now.
Commit to healthy boundaries with others: It is up to you to ensure that your cell phone is switched off during study time and that your friends and family respect your boundaries. This is your life to live- do not allow others to distract your purpose! You can and must do this by being respectfully assertive.
Are you going to be studying for Mathematics and Sciences?

Cindy Glass gives us the following 6 helpful study tips for Mathematics and Science:

Use a calendar to help you plan what needs to be covered and by when: Break up the task into bite-sized manageable pieces. This will ensure that you cover everything and do not become overwhelmed by the enormity of it.

Make sure that you have a designated study area: Have a comfortable chair, a desk, good lighting and the stationery that you will need.

You can’t study Maths and Science parrot-fashion: You cannot study Maths or Science by reading and trying to memorize the work. These subjects require a pencil to paper! You will need to practice, practice and practice some more! Do not just do one example of skill and feel that it is enough. Keep going until you know that you will not forget how to do it (Note: Try using a pencil instead of a pen. It is a non-threatening tool as it can be rubbed out. It also makes your work look neater).
Start with the easy-mark skills and questions first: Make sure that you know these well. This will give you the confidence to keep going.

Work through past exam papers: This will familiarise you with the layout of the paper as well as the types of questions that are likely to be asked. Again, do not feel like you are ready after completing just one paper. Keep at it – you will feel your confidence increase as you practice.
ASK FOR HELP if you need it: Identify questions that you are not ‘getting’ and ask for clarification from someone who can help – your teacher, a friend, your parents or a tutor.
“Remember that you are allowed to make mistakes, but you are not allowed to give up! Start preparing today,” concludes Cindy.

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Cindy Glass

Cindy Glass of Step Up Education

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