Love is Full Circle When Getting Older

Oakapplehabdash / Pixabay

Oakapplehabdash / Pixabay

 Everyone gets older.

I often find myself worrying about getting older and the best thing we can do is to love the changes and to be kind to ourselves.

When you can, play like a youngster. When you can’t, relax in the sun.

We used to be able to do all sorts of different sports etc and now it seems that though we can still run, walk and play sports it is done more calmly.  This time we take time to smell the roses and even just being outside in the sun and wind is fun.

Kisses and touches are forever.

It seems like the older we get the more important a hug, kiss or even a touch on the arm is.  It makes us feel that we are still needed, wanted and we feel a sense of belonging.

Asking for help is not so bad.

It is better to ask for help than to struggle to do some thng or even not do it because we cant.

There’s no reason to get irritable, aging is a privilege.

Many years ago people died at the age of 45 and now we seem to live much longer lives.  Be kind to yourself and realize that it is a privilege to spend time with our friends and loved ones.

Whenever possible, go for a walk in nature with a friend.

When possible go for a walk in the park with your friend.  It creates a special bond between the two of you whilst you look at nature and can talk about anything under the sun.  Walking with someone is so much nicer than walking alone.